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Förtydligande för spelare som deltar i PDC tävlingar och deltar i Svensk tävlingsverksamhet.

31 MAJ 2022 17:02
  • Uppdaterad: 31 MAJ 2022 17:02

Clarification of WDF Tournament entry rules for PDC Q
School & PDC Nordic & Baltic participants.
Major changes in the cooperation between PDC & WDF have opened up the
possibilities for players to compete on multiple fronts without hindrance.
The Swedish Dart Federation together with The Finnish Darts Organisation &
PDC Nordic & Baltic would like to clarify that entering WDF Tournaments is
open to ALL players from ANY PDC Nordic & Baltic country. ONLY PDC Tour
Card holders
are restricted from entering WDF tournaments due to player contract
obligations to the PDC.
Through constant liaison with the respective WDF member bodies of each
country and the PDCNB, any misunderstandings have and are quickly
resolved or clarified.
Communication between all bodies means that even clashes with nationally
sanctioned ranked tournaments (and only nationally ranked tournaments) are
also avoided as much as possible. The development of dart as a sport across
the Nordic & Baltic regions is our collective aim and we will all strive to offer
ALL players as much competitive darts as possible.
Despite the new cooperation between WDF & PDC, we need to clarify that
should any Male player qualify for both the PDC World Championship & The
WDF Lakeside World Championships then, the player would have to make the
choice of which championship he would like to compete in. Female players are
permitted to play in the PDC World Championship & the WDF Womens Lakeside
World Championship should they qualify for both.

Sweden.-Clarification-of-WDF-Tournament-entry-rules-for-PDC-Q-School-PDC (6).pdf

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